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Basement Framing in St. Louis

Once you have an idea on what you want to do with your basement, it is time to frame it and install drywall. The experienced and professional team at St. Louis Basement Remodeling offers basement framing in St. Louis, MO and surrounding areas, to assist you in the completion of your project. Give us your layout designs and blueprints, and we get to work. Let our skilled and highly qualified contractors set up your frame and install drywall to get started. Framing and adding drywall is one step to the finishing process. We get you started on your home improvement project with basement drywall installation or basement framing installation services.

Basement Drywall Installation in St. Louis

Rely on our basement drywall contractor to properly install your drywall. We understand the relationship between air movement and exchange with humidity and the proper alignment of building materials in relation to basement drywall. Because basements are prone to dampness, leaks, musty air, and low light, there are a number of safety concerns to take into consideration.

Without the proper precautions in place to prevent for moisture or water damage, you could spend a lot of time and money only to find yourself spending more on repairs. We ensure there is no chance of mold growing in your basement for your health and safety. By solving this problem first, we help you save yourself the trouble of repairing the damage later.

Basement Framing Installation in St. Louis

Whether you want to transform your empty basement into an entertainment room or bedroom, our professional basement remodeling contractors in St. Louis are here to help. From installing new framework to removing and redesigning your existing framework, our experienced team has the skills necessary to create the right layout for your needs. We frame your entire basement, from the walls to the ceiling and everything in between. Our contractors design your framework based on what you want to do with your basement once it is finished.

More walls are added if you want to create a bedroom or your existing walls are knocked down if you prefer a wide open play area.

Basement Drywall Contractor in St. Louis

Count on our professionals to give you exactly what you want. Utilize our skills and advanced tools to create stable walls for any purpose. Whether you need something strong enough to hang your tools on, or take a few hits from an indoor game of hockey, our walls are guaranteed to stand up. We also ensure no moisture or water damage ruins your new walls.

Contact us today if you need a professional basement drywall contractor in St. Louis. We offer our services throughout St. Louis County, St. Charles, St. Peters, O’Fallon, Wentzville, Lake St. Louis and all of Missouri.

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